Quest complete 探索は終わった

It all began with a picture in a magazine.  The old school being used as a backdrop for the fashion shoot was obviously in Hong Kong somewhere so I figured it shouldn’t be too difficult to track down.  Well, it proved to be much more difficult than anticipated.

Naturally, I thought the first place to try would be with the photographer who shot the piece in the first place.  I never did get a response.  I then tried the staff at the magazine.  The woman I talked to obviously knew the location but instead I got, “Sorry, we can’t help you”.  Then I thought maybe the editor would be more forthcoming.  He was willing to help but in the end, gave me the wrong location.  He also informed me that the particular photographer is notoriously secretive about his shooting locations.

Finally, I decided to contact Pete Spurrier, the author of a guide about hiking in Hong Kong.  He immediately recognized the building I was looking for.  “It’s quite a journey though”, he said.  After a quick consult of my handy-dandy map book, I determined that for me it wasn’t such a journey.  Turns out it’s about a 20 minute bus ride and a one hour hike away from my apartment.

For anyone who’s interested in going, here are the details.  From Fanling station, jump on the 56K minibus and take it to its final stop at Luk Keng.  Follow the road that leads perpendicular from the restaurant and when the road curves, take the gravel road into the village.  Follow the signs along the water that indicate Kuk Po.  That’s where you’ll not only find the school but the eerie stillness of villages that have been abandoned, many of them still with furniture inside and pictures left on the wall.

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