More of Wan Chai ウアンチャイの古館

There are a lot of interesting areas and hidden gems to find in Hong Kong.  Wan Chai is one of those areas and on Sunday I discovered some of the interesting old ruins off of Queen’s Road up along Ship Street and then farther up on Kennedy Road.


The first part that I noticed the remains of what seemed to be a complex of buildings.  Turns out it’s the remains of Tung Chi College.  Other than a mention, I can’t seem to find any information on it though.  Based on the series of terraces and other remains, it seems like it would have been pretty impressive in its day.


Across from the remains of Tung Chi College is the old Nam Koo Terrace mansion at No. 55 Ship street.  It is apparently the most haunted spot in Hong Kong with many stories surrounding it, including one which indicates that it housed “comfort women” during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong.  At this point, it remains standing but obviously suffering.  I’d really like to get inside the grounds though.  I’ll let you know when that happens.


Up the stairs further leads to Kennedy road and the old mansion at No. 64.  I didn’t have time to head over but it too looks interesting so I’ll definitely be back there soon.  Like Tung Chi College, I couldn’t find any historical information about the place.


One aspect Hong Kong has going for it is the number of interesting old buildings still standing.  Unfortunately as evidenced by No. 55, several of the interesting old buildings are wasting away until someone figures out what to do with them.  Even the ones which are designated heritage buildings and are protected to an extent, like the Central Police station, rot away while trapped in red tape.


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