searching… 捜しています。。。

… for something to post.  That’s sort of the problem when I’m not traveling; life just happens and it’s not necessarily what people want to read about.  Politics? Already way too much of that out in the aether.  My latest shopping excursion (I bought a vacuum cleaner)? Who cares?  Ooo,  I know, we’ve got a bit of a typhoon happening right now.  Guess I’ll be staying in for most of the day.


The big news is that more travel photos will be forthcoming though not until after New Year.  The friend with whom I went to Turkey  last year and I have booked our tickets for Southern India.  Very exciting!  Unfortunately, it’s still a few months away.  We’ll be starting in Madras and then going around the tip of India all the way up to Goa.  Is it still called Delhi-belly if you don’t actually go to Delhi?


In the meantime, hopefully you enjoy some random images from Japan


One thought on “searching… 捜しています。。。

  1. はじめまして! I’m Tokyo based illustrator.
    先日、香港のThe Blue Houseのことを調べていて、こちらのブログを見つけました。写真がきれいだし、なにより日本語も併記されているので楽しく読むことができます。日本については、私よりたくさんの場所を知っているのではないでしょうか。


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