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Tai O village 大澳村

September 16, 2008

I finally managed to get out to the traditional fishing village of Tai O on the weekend.  I’d been meaning to get there for a couple of years but had been stymied last weekend when I finally decided to make the trek – I got rained out.  Given my last (expensive) experience with torrential rain and camera gear, I decided not to chance it.
やっとの思いで伝統的な村へ行きました。 先週末も行きたかったけど大雨が降りましたので村に行きなかった。

From where I live to Tai O is quite a journey.  It involved an hour and a half and several transfers on the train and then a nausea-inducing bus ride for about another hour.  Many parts of the road were single lane switchbacks so when vehicles approached each other, someone had to give way.

Despite the challenge getting there, it’s worth a visit.  Sadly, the traditional salt production no longer takes place but it’s still a fishing village known for salted, dried fish and shrimp paste (which you smell long before you see).  What really makes Tai O interesting are the traditional stilt houses that many of the villagers live in.  In 2000 there was a fire that ran through part of the village and a lot of the wooden stilt houses were replaced with metal structures.  I can only imagine how hot they would be in the summer and cold in the winter.

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