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Summer, in the city 市の中の夏

September 7, 2008

Though this year was a little ‘off’ in terms of the weather (as it was in most places around the globe this year), July and August tend to be the best time of the year in Vancouver.  So what’s there to do?

If you time it right, there’s the Kitsilano festival where they close down West 4th Avenue between Burrard and Vine and have music, vintage car shows and all manner of things.  I always find it odd to be walking down the middle of 4th Ave. without having to worry about being run over.

There is of course a trip to Granville Island.  It’s not really an island, more of a peninsula really.  Still, a great place to go for food.  There are a variety of great restaurants but the market is what really put Granville Island on the map.  If art is more to your taste, there is plenty to choose from, as there are not only shops but also workshop/galleries to spend hours wandering through.  I recommend avoiding weekends though unless you really enjoy crowds.
グランビール アイランドはとても人気所です。たくさんレストランがあるけど市場はとても有名ですよ。美術が好きか。たくさん制作室があります。週末はとてもにぎやかなので僕は週日に行きます。

There’s also the PNE to head to.  The Pacific National Exhibition has been going since 1910.  There are rides and shops, midway games and various displays but for me, the PNE is all about ‘those little donuts’.   Little bits of golden, doughy goodness served hot and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.  No trip to the PNE is complete without them.

Naturally, there are all sorts of other things you can do in the summertime as well.  Go to the beach, go for a hike or find a nice coffee shop with a back patio and just relax.

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