Little by little 少しずつ

I have finally begun the long overdue update of my GES Photography website.  I’ve already uploaded new images into the Street and Fine Art pages as well as changed my Bio slightly.  More to come in the next week or so for most of the site though I need to start doing more portrait work … More Little by little 少しずつ

Shing Mun Redoubt シンムン歴史

Before the summer holidays, I finally managed to head out to Shing Mun.  It’s home to one of Hong Kong’s water reservoirs as well as dozens of wild rhesus monkeys and wildlife of other sorts. 夏休み前、シンムンへ行きました。この所に香港の貯水池があると、たくさんアカゲザルとほか野生生物がいります。 The British introduced the monkeys in the early 1930s; around the time construction of the reservoir began.  There are … More Shing Mun Redoubt シンムン歴史

Summer, in the city 市の中の夏

Though this year was a little ‘off’ in terms of the weather (as it was in most places around the globe this year), July and August tend to be the best time of the year in Vancouver.  So what’s there to do? 今年、バンクーバーの天気はちょっと変ですけどたいてい七月と八月の天気が一番いいです。そして、何かしますか。 If you time it right, there’s the Kitsilano festival where they close … More Summer, in the city 市の中の夏

Home for the holiday 夏休みでバンクーバーへ帰った

I realize it’s been a while but the reason was that I had made my annual pilgrimage back home to Vancouver.  Sadly, as always happens, the time is never enough to see all the people and do all the things planned. 夏休みでバンクーバーへ帰りましたので最後ポストは久しぶりです。ざんねんことは毎旅行に全部予定ことをしなかった。 Family and friends aside, heading back to Vancouver from Hong Kong for the … More Home for the holiday 夏休みでバンクーバーへ帰った