I know, I know… はい、分かっています。

Yep, it’s been a while since my last post.  Now that holidays are over, new stuff will be coming soon.  Thanks for being patient. 久しぶりですね。今から夏休みは終わるのですぐ新しいポストをします。耐え忍んでありがとうございます。

Fukuoka 福岡

I had been to Fukuoka only once and that was only for an evening as I waited to catch a plane the next morning.  Walking around Fukuoka, it reminds me of a smaller version of Osaka.  I felt at home. 福岡に行ったことがある一回だけ。その時、一泊だけです。福岡の雰囲気は大阪らしいと思います。でも、もう少し小さい市です。 Unfortunately, on a more historic cultural note, I was a bit disappointed.  I guess … More Fukuoka 福岡

Kumamoto 熊本市

I was in Kyushu, Japan from July 22nd to August 1st.  For the first part of the trip, I was in the town of Kumamoto visiting a Canadian friend of mine, his Japanese wife and their (not quite) two year old boy whom I’d only ever met on a webcam. 7月22日から8月一日まで九州に行ってきました。まず、熊本市に住んでいるの友達を訪問しました。彼はカナダ人ですけど奥さんが日本人です。息子はさきに2歳になります。この旅行までにウェブカメだけ会えました。 Since my friends were … More Kumamoto 熊本市

One to go もう一つだけ

There are, I believe, three perfect cameras which have been created.  A triumvirate perfect in form and for the function for which they were created.  They are the three cameras I have lusted over since I first got interested in photography. カメラの歴史の中に完璧なカメラ三つがあると思います。写真術を始めた時からこの三つカメラを素志しました。 The first is the Hasselblad 500 c/m medium format camera.  I first saw … More One to go もう一つだけ