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Mother Nature’s pissed

June 24, 2008

Just before pummelling someone, Popeye the sailor used to say, “enough is enough, and enough is too much!”.  Well, apparently Mother Nature is feeling the same way.

Here’s a litany of some of the worst of Nature’s tantrums in merely the last two months:
•    Chilean volcano Chaiten erupts for the first time in almost 10,000 years
•    Cyclone Nargis hits Burma, killing an estimated 134,000 people (though the Junta can take credit for some of that number)
•    An earthquake measuring 7.8 kills approximately 70,000 in Sichuan province, China (as in Burma, some of those deaths can be blamed on human factors)
•    A magnitude 5.5 quake hits Oran region in Algeria
•    A magnitude 6.0 quake hits the Banda sea off the coast of Indonesia
•    A 6.5 magnitude quake rocks Patras, Greece
•    Widespread flooding in the mid-western United States along the Mississippi river destroy crops on an unprecedented scale
•    An earthquake measuring 7.2 hits Iwate prefecture, Japan killing 12 and injuring 144
•    Heavy flooding in south-eastern China kill 176 and force 1.66 million to relocate
•    Wildfires caused by lightning and made worse by record heat burn hundreds of thousands of acres and threaten numerous towns in the western USA
•    A record number of “killer tornadoes” hit the USA.  Worst year since 1953.
•    A typhoon in the Philippines kills more than 800 when a ferry capsizes

And that’s only since the beginning May.  What’s the rest of the year going to have in store?

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