Expensive lesson 高い教訓

The omniscient “they” say that experience costs money. Well, that was certainly the case after a hike a group of us did on Sunday. 英語で喭があります。「経験は高いです」。週末に友達とハイキングに行きました。後でその諺は本当です。 We had been talking about doing this particular hike for over a year – the Pat Sin Leng leg of the Wilson trail following a ridge of mountains that overlooks … More Expensive lesson 高い教訓

My least favourite time of the year 嫌いな季節

This is the start of my least favourite time of the year in Hong Kong. It’s going to get hot and really humid and while those two factors make it an unpleasant period they’re not what I hate most. What I hate most is the horrendous air conditioning abuse that goes on absolutely everywhere. 最近、僕の嫌いな季節が始まりました。蒸し暑くなります。でも、それは一番大嫌いなことじゃないんです。悪いクーラーの酷使は一番大嫌いですよ。 … More My least favourite time of the year 嫌いな季節

Old house in Ping Shan ピンシャンの古風家

The old style Hong Kong house is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. There are several reasons for this. Certainly a major reason is that the land they sit on is more valuable developed into multi-story buildings. One also has to realize that these old houses don’t have all the modern conveniences though I’m … More Old house in Ping Shan ピンシャンの古風家

Kyoto 京都

Every time I return to Japan I head to Kyoto. I question some of the things that have been done to the city but it’s still a great place to go if you’re in need of a real dose of history. 毎年、日本に戻ります。その時に京都に行きます。歴史好きだたら、良い所ですよ。 I am a huge fan of visiting the Buddhist temples (and there are … More Kyoto 京都