Blog problems ブログ問題

It was pointed out to me recently that the images I’ve been posting on the blog aren’t coming up on a page with either descriptions or a comments space.  I looked into it with WordPress and it appears that there are some bugs due to the recent upgrades they made.  Hopefully it gets worked out … More Blog problems ブログ問題

Kansai 関西

I really love the Kansai region of Japan. There is so much history in the area. Nara, Kyoto and Osaka have all had turns at being the capitol city of Japan at one point in history. 関西地方は大好きです。面白いし、たくさん歴史があるし、きれいだと思います。さらに奈良と京都と大阪も日本の歴史の中に京がありました。 One of the aspects of all the major cities of Kansai is that they all have a distinct … More Kansai 関西

Me and my Calvins

I really had no idea how prudish people in Hong Kong were until I arrived here. It’s really a bit confusing really. Buy virtually any of the Chinese language newspapers and plastered throughout are images of the latest car accident or suicide in all their gory detail but to paraphrase, “No sex please, we’re Hong … More Me and my Calvins

Sumo! 相撲!

Due to a bit of a flu scare in Hong Kong leading to the closure of primary schools for two weeks, I was able to go on my trip to Japan a bit earlier than expected.  Now, the one thing that I wasn’t looking forward to was the picture/fingerprinting as part of the new security … More Sumo! 相撲!