Feeling… so… sleepy… あぁぁ。。。眠たい。。。

I’ve started a new photo project. Hong Kong is the only place I’ve encountered where sleeping in public spaces is commonplace. Doesn’t really seem to matter where it is, people will just nod off. Of course the argument is that everyone in Hong Kong is so hard working that they’re exhausted. I say it’s because … More Feeling… so… sleepy… あぁぁ。。。眠たい。。。

Random stuff 断片

A post of bits and pieces from the last couple of weeks. 最近の断片ポストです。 Took advantage of the good weather this weekend and went to Stanley. Beaches, restaurants and markets dominate the place now but during WW 2 the Stanley peninsula was a major battle zone where, among others, Canadian soldiers refused to surrender against the … More Random stuff 断片