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Yum Cha 飲茶

February 24, 2008

Yum cha. Dim sum. Call it what you will, it’s one of the most traditional dining experiences you can have in Hong Kong. Going to the big, glossy places like the one at City Hall is fine but to really get a taste of what Hong Kong used to be like, you need to find some of the smaller joints.

I’ve been to Lin Heung tea house a couple of times now and it is definitely an interesting experience though not at all vegetarian friendly. I’m adventurous but I still draw the line at eating chicken feet. To be honest, dim sum isn’t exactly a part of a healthy diet. The food is tasty but laden with oil and fat. This is a once in a while type of meal.

At Lin Heung, all the staff are middle-aged or older and pretty surly. Forget the “wait to be seated” signs that other restaurants have; you belly up to which ever seat is available and share the table with whoever happens to be sitting there. If you can, find a place by the kitchen entry so you can be one of the first in the scrum for the food carts that come out.

Thankfully, they don’t allow smoking in Hong Kong restaurants any longer so it’s only the din and the table manners you have to contend with. Table manners in Hong Kong are… different from most other places I’ve been. Waiters are less than graceful in serving and water and tea usually get spilled all over. Spitting bones out directly onto the table is completely normal. I now know why Chinese restaurants always have glass covers; it’s so all the stuff that gets slopped all over the place is easier to clean up.
香港レストランの中に吸っては行けません。それはいいですけどまだうるさくて人々のマーナーが悪いと思います。香港レストランのテーブルはガラスの上にあります。今理由が分かっています。 給仕は水とお茶を零れるしお客は鳥と豚の骨を吐き出します。ガラスがあるので取り片付ける事もう少し簡単でしょう。

Food cartRelaxingLin Heung tea house


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