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Surprise, surprise びっくりした

February 11, 2008

Not something you see everyday, particularly in Asia: A 1966 Ford Mustang. What makes this one even more interesting is that it’s a right-hand drive model. Most vintage cars in Hong Kong are European so it’s really a treat to see some American muscle tooling around. This one isn’t completely stock by the look of the interior but it’s been really nicely restored.

Before I actually saw it for the first time, I heard it. There’s no mistaking the sound of an American V8 engine. I could hear it coming from somewhere close and then it came into view. I was really surprised to see such a great example of a classic car here in Hong Kong. The second time I saw it being driven around, I was able to talk to the driver about it since, this being Hong Kong, he was stuck in traffic. Turns out it is an original right-hand drive from Australia. I knew that Ford of Australia had been around for a long time but I didn’t realize it went back to the mid-sixties.

Really makes me miss my 1969 Camaro.


1966 MustangMustang‘66 ’stang

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