Yum Cha 飲茶

Yum cha. Dim sum. Call it what you will, it’s one of the most traditional dining experiences you can have in Hong Kong. Going to the big, glossy places like the one at City Hall is fine but to really get a taste of what Hong Kong used to be like, you need to find … More Yum Cha 飲茶

2008 World Press Photo Awards 2008 世界報道写真授賞式

The World Press Photo Awards have been announced for 2008. Some very powerful images were taken in 2007 though, as has been true since 9/11, the majority of them are of ‘areas of conflict’. Take a look and thank your lucky stars that you live in an area of peace. 2008 世界報道写真授賞式が ありました。本当に2007の中に強力な写真が撮った。残念ことはたくさん写真が戦争所からです。見った後無事な所を住むが有り難があるでしょう。