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One battle and two ancient sites 戦闘所一つ、昔所二つ。

January 19, 2008

I’ve included a map with the general route of our trip. Our first stop after leaving Istanbul was the site of the World War 1 battle of Gallipoli though to be honest, historical significance aside, the Aussies and Kiwis in our group got much more out of the site than the two token Canadians on the tour. Though I have to admit that I had no idea 49 Canadians from Newfoundland were involved in that conflict.

More interesting to me were the several ancient sites we planned to go to over the span of the trip. Our first stop after Gallipoli was the city of Troy. I have to say that I was a little disappointed with the site. Sadly, all that really remains are the walls of the city. It’s interesting to note though that what was once a seaside city is now 7 km inland. Still, to be standing at the site of such a mythic battle was pretty amazing. It even inspired me to re-read the Iliad again.

We also visited the ancient hilltop hieropolis of Pergamum, home to a once famous hospital which claimed to have never lost a patient. Turns out this was all smoke and mirrors as they never took in terminal patients and if a patient did die, the fact was hidden. Now that’s good marketing. Cheeky buggers.

Tour routeFishermenMemorialTurkish cemeteryANZAC memorialYoung TurksWalls of TroyTheatreTemple of Trajan

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