In search of culture 文化を探しています

There were just some parts of Turkish culture that needed to be experienced. Though I’m a staunch non-smoker, I even tried the nargele or water pipe that is ubiquitous throughout Turkey. Unlike what some people think, the only thing that goes in these is flavoured tobacco, not the wacky-tabacky. Another must do (though I had … More In search of culture 文化を探しています

One battle and two ancient sites 戦闘所一つ、昔所二つ。

I’ve included a map with the general route of our trip. Our first stop after leaving Istanbul was the site of the World War 1 battle of Gallipoli though to be honest, historical significance aside, the Aussies and Kiwis in our group got much more out of the site than the two token Canadians on … More One battle and two ancient sites 戦闘所一つ、昔所二つ。

Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます!

I trust everyone had a great new year holiday.  Got back from a fabulous tour of Turkey last night and will be posting pictures and comments as soon as I can.  Until then… 皆さんのお正月は良かったですか。昨日、トルコから帰りました。たくさん写真を撮った。早くポストを頑張ります。その時迄。。。