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Antiquarian book fair 香港国際古書店

December 4, 2007

Books. I don’t care what the tech-heads say, no digital reader is going to replace the experience of reading a good book. Especially a finely crafted hardcover. The heft, the smell (particularly if it happens to be leather bound), the texture of the pages. Can’t replicate that digitally now can you?


So, with those thoughts in mind, as a bibliophile I was in heaven this past weekend when the first Hong Kong International Antiquarian book fair was held. There were vendors from all around the world and they brought some truly amazing, and in several cases, “once in a lifetime” tomes to put on display.


Ah, to have unlimited pocket change. I managed to pick up a special edition of “Kafka on the Shore” by one of my favourite authors, Haruki Murakami (I didn’t want to leave completely empty-handed) but when surrounded by volumes that were in the hundreds of thousands and in some cases millions of HK dollars, the couple thousand I paid really didn’t seem like so much.


Take a look at the pictures and the accompanying descriptions to get some sense of what was on display. Also, if interested the website of the book fair is here along with a list of the booksellers and their websites.


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