Happy holidays 良いお年お

Just want to wish everyone a Happy holiday and all the best for the new year. Once I get back from Turkey, I should have all sorts of interesting pictures to share. Happy New Year! See you in ’08. 皆さん、良いお年お。トルコから帰った時後新しい写真をポストします。 体に気をつけて下さい。

Strange weather 変な天気

So, here it is the middle of December and the temperatures have been remaining in the 18 to 22 degree range. While my friends in Japan and Canada have been freezing their butts off, I’ve been wearing shorts on my days off. 今12月の半ばですけどここには変な天気があります。僕の日本とカナダに住んでいる友達はもっと寒いですが、香港で温度が18度から22度までぐらい。 I most definitely miss the seasons. Here, things remain green of one … More Strange weather 変な天気

Antiquarian book fair 香港国際古書店

Books. I don’t care what the tech-heads say, no digital reader is going to replace the experience of reading a good book. Especially a finely crafted hardcover. The heft, the smell (particularly if it happens to be leather bound), the texture of the pages. Can’t replicate that digitally now can you? 本。僕は本が大好きです。このごろデジタル本があるけど本物の本を取り替えないと思います。匂いとか、目方とか、織り地とかすばらしいと思います。 So, with those … More Antiquarian book fair 香港国際古書店