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The Dark Knight cometh… and leaveth バトマンを来た。。。と行った

November 13, 2007

Today marked the end of five days of filming in Hong Kong for the next Batman movie. It was… interesting. Before filming even began, changes had to be made to what the film crew wanted to do. Apparently, the script called for Batman to jump from a plane into Victoria harbour. That got nixed once they determined that the harbour was so polluted, it would put the stunt person’s health in serious jeopardy.


The other problem they came up against was the fact that many businesses on the island side of Hong Kong put up a stink and refused to leave their lights on for 5 hours a night over 5 days of shooting so it would enhance the look of the night shoots. Now, on the surface that refusal sounds pretty good from an environmental perspective, right? The problem I have with it is with the absolute hypocrisy of those businesses. They refuse to leave the lights on for a total of 25 hours but they are more than happy to waste hundreds of times that amount of energy by abusing their air conditioners for most of the year.

ほっかの問題があります。 監督人 はきれいな夜シーンがほしかった。六十ぐらい会社が「五晩で会社の電気をつけてお願いします」と言いました。でも、会社を断りました。「エネルギをもったいない」と言いました。それは良さそうですね。でも、同じ会社は年の中でエアコンを作りすぎます。それは偽善的なだと思います。

Night viewPush!

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