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A whole mess’a stuff

October 30, 2007

My Lord, it’s been quite a while since the last update. Terribly sorry about that (or perhaps no one is reading anyway so it doesn’t matter?). I really have to wonder where the time goes. All last week was spent updating and expanding my photography web page I’m actually quite pleased with the way it flows now.


Nova The first time I went to Japan to work I worked for Nova, the largest eikaiwa (language school) in Japan. At last count they had around 900 branches and 400,000 students across Japan. I met some great people during my time there but the job itself really sucked. So, it’s been extremely interesting to me to see that the giant of the industry looks like it’s going to be toppled like ancient Goliath due to its shady business practices. I admit to feeling a bit of smug satisfaction that karma has hit so true to the mark. Not that I ever plan on teaching English in Japan again but the one thing that I hope comes from this is that the Japanese government wakes up and changes how the entire industry is operated in Japan.

Nova usagi


The weather is finally cooling down and becoming less humid in HK. This is probably the best time of the year here. Great weather for hiking but soon it will be a little cool for swimming in the ocean as we did a few weeks ago. The conditions were great! After a long hike we arrived at the beach to discover it in fabulous condition and the waves that were rolling in were a metre or more – perfect condition for some body surfing. The other thing that I personally love about the HK outback is the variety of wildlife and insects. Of course the majority of native HKers are such city folk that they hate it but I find it fascinating.


Sai Kung beachBIG mothStick bugLookit the monkey!

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