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Final Cambodia post 最後のカンボジアポスト

October 3, 2007

As I had mentioned before, I had gotten to enjoy riding the tuktuks quite a bit in Cambodia. Aside from the bugs and the vehicle exhaust, it really is a pleasant way to travel. Cheap as well. The going day rate to have the driver be at your beck and call is $12 US (though at the current exchange rate, this is also Canadian). I’ll say it again: for the day. At least for the main temple area. It’ll be a bit more expensive if you want to go to some of the out of the way places. Might cost you fifteen bucks.

Siem Reap by tuk tukAlso not badNorth GateBullet holesHell

During the 3 days of guided touring I had begun to wonder where all the monks that I had seen in other pictures were. Hadn’t seen one at all. Turns out they don’t come out to the ancient temples until the weekend so my Saturday and Sunday visits to Angkors Wat and Thom were well timed. The great thing too is that they’re very eager to talk as they want to practice their English. What actually surprised me was the fact that I was one of the few people who actually took time out to take their pictures and to talk to them.

MonksOn the way upMonk(ey)Bayon Monk

I met one young monk named Paek at Angkor Thom on my last day. He was sitting and drawing and I asked if I could take his photo; he happily obliged. Afterwards, I had a bit of a chat with him. He is 16 years old and an orphan. Like many orphans in Cambodia, he entered a monastery in order to have food, clothing and shelter. He is really hoping to study English at a school. We got talking about his drawing and he wondered if I wanted one to help him pay for school. I asked how much I should pay for one of his drawings and he replied, “two dollars”. How could I refuse?
アンコル•トムで若い和尚を合いました。名前はパークです。「すみません、写真を撮ってもいいですか」と言いました。「いいよ」彼と言いました。その後私たちは少し会話をしました。パークは16歳親のない子。英語学校で勉強をしたいんです。彼の略画を談じりました。パークは「僕の 略画が欲しいですか」と言いました。「いくつぐらいをあげましょうか」。「$2」。拒むするを出来なかったでしょう。

Young monk“The drawing”

I would say that covers my trip to Cambodia. I really have to say that I will be returning, maybe not the entire time in Siem Reap but I highly recommend going to Cambodia for anyone.

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