Walkabout 散歩する

Some of the most interesting times I had during my trip were the times when I just wandered. I really enjoy walking around when I travel because that’s when you actually see the interesting aspects of a place. You can’t meet people and stop at the interesting things from the passenger seat of a car … More Walkabout 散歩する

Finally! やった!

OK, so I finally got my computer back the other day. I’ll be posting the last couple of Cambodia posts as soon as I can get them up. ようやくにコンピュターは送りました。一目散に最後のカンボジアのポストをするつもりです。

Doesn’t add up

Red wine + computer keyboard = nothing good In all my years of owning a computer, I have never had “an incident”. Until last week. I managed to spill red wine all over the keyboard of my beloved Powerbook. I’m still not entirely certain how it happened but it will forever go down in the … More Doesn’t add up

Day Three 三日目

Last day of the official tour days. I still have three days to wander around on my own but on this morning, we travelled out to Tonle Sap lake to go through the floating village of Chong Kneas. It’s a bit on the “touristy” side but still pretty interesting. More interesting would have been the … More Day Three 三日目