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First day in Siem Reap シエムリープの一日目

August 24, 2007

Throughout these Siem Reap entries, if you click on the pictures, there will be more detailed explanations about them. I’ve also included some links to maps you can click so you can get an idea of where I’m talking about.

I had arranged my trip to Cambodia through a guide that friends had recommended. He booked the hotel for me and arranged for a pretty great itinerary. Turns out the hotel is owned and operated by his in-laws. I did end up having a roommate but he was pretty quiet and did keep the place clean so I didn’t mind.

Freedom Hotel, Siem ReapRoommate

The first three days of the itinerary were to be guided tours of the major points in the Angkor area leaving me the last 3 days to tour around on my own. I completely lucked out because I was one-on-one with the guide so I could take things at my pace.

The entire morning of day one had us exploring Angkor Thom. Unlike Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom was actually more than just a temple. It was also the site of the palace. It must have been quite a sight to see in its prime.

South GateUnderworldGarudas

There are several main areas of the complex but my favourite place had to be the Bayon with its 216 stone faces. The complex itself is quite a maze as you walk through with the faces looking down on you lending quite a powerful aura as well.

Entry wayFacesJust checking

A lot of tour groups head back to their hotels for lunch but there are several really good local eateries that have been set up close to the temples. These are the places I tended to go to for lunch. One of my favourite meals was the traditional meal of Amok. It’s like a white Thai curry, traditionally with fish but without the spiciness of the Thai curry. Very good! If you go, I highly recommend it.

After lunch, we headed onto the “grand circuit” and took in Preah Khan, Preah Neak Pean and Pre Rup. All interesting places but, after all morning at Angkor Thom, they had a hard time comparing.

Preah KhanNeak PeanPre Rup

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