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The Blue House ザ ブルー ハウス

August 11, 2007

The front of the Blue HouseTemple RemnantsThe door to…?

The “blue house”. That’s what it’s referred to by most people in HK. It’s a rather interesting old place with a history of over 100 years on Stone Nullah Lane in the Wan Chai area of HK island. A nullah, I discovered is an open drainage canal.


As I was taking pictures of the place, a middle-aged guy who had been born and raised in the area came up and gave me a run-down on the history of the place.


To begin with, it’s only been blue since the 1970’s. Before then, it had been grey like the rest of the buildings in the area but the name stuck.


The site was originally built as a two-story hospital in the 1870’s. By the late 1880’s it was turned into a temple but then the original structure was demolished around 1920 and then the current structure was built in its place and turned into a tenement.

1870時代にもともとの建物は二回の病院がありました。その後1880時代ぐらいにお寺くなりました。この四回の建物は1920時代ぐらいに 建てました。

The current building is slated to be turned into a museum for tea and Chinese medicine by 2011. The people currently living there will be relocated. Sadly, it just won’t be the same without the human element.


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