Second day in Siem Reap シエムリープの二日目

We went to Angkor Wat the morning of the second day. This is the largest religious monument in the world. It is pretty awe-inspiring to walk through. It’s almost hard to believe that a structure with such artistic detail could be created almost 1000 years ago. 二日の目の朝にアンコル•ワトに行きました。世界の中に一番大きな信教の記念碑です。すごくの事はこの記念碑が千歳ぐらいです。 It was built in order to represent the … More Second day in Siem Reap シエムリープの二日目

First day in Siem Reap シエムリープの一日目

Throughout these Siem Reap entries, if you click on the pictures, there will be more detailed explanations about them. I’ve also included some links to maps you can click so you can get an idea of where I’m talking about. I had arranged my trip to Cambodia through a guide that friends had recommended. He … More First day in Siem Reap シエムリープの一日目

Amazing trip.  すごかった。

Returned from Cambodia late yesterday afternoon. I’ve been in Hong Kong for a day and I’m already stressed. 昨日カンボジアから香港に戻りました。香港に一日だけどもうストレスがあります。なぜか。 The trip was amazing. I now understand why so many people who return from there just can’t sum it up in words. I’m going to try to explain the trip but again, words and pictures alone … More Amazing trip.  すごかった。

The Blue House ザ ブルー ハウス

The “blue house”. That’s what it’s referred to by most people in HK. It’s a rather interesting old place with a history of over 100 years on Stone Nullah Lane in the Wan Chai area of HK island. A nullah, I discovered is an open drainage canal. これはザ•ブルー•ハウスです。香港島のウアンチャイの所があります。この建物は百年前ぐらいを建てました。 As I was taking pictures of the … More The Blue House ザ ブルー ハウス

Back from Vancouver バンクーバから戻りました

Hot, hot, hot. That’s basically the weather report for Hong Kong since I returned from Vancouver the other day. 暑い、暑い、暑い。バンクーバに戻る時からそれは香港の天気予報です。 Vancouver weather on the other hand was great. Well, at least the second week of my trip was great, the first week was rainy and miserable but I’m conveniently not remembering that part. There are … More Back from Vancouver バンクーバから戻りました