Great Happiness Space

I discovered this documentary recently: “Great Happiness Space”. A lot of people have heard of ‘hostess clubs’ but not too many know that there are actually ‘host clubs’ as well. It’s a long movie at 75 minutes but definitely worth a look as it gives a new perspective on a relatively unknown sector of Osaka … More Great Happiness Space

07-07-07 07年07月07日

今日は面白い年月日ですね。今日も七夕祭りです。ぜったい織り姫と彦星は楽しいでしょう。今晩、晴れた空になるそして、織り姫と彦星を合います。 Today is an interesting date: seventh day of the seventh month of two thousand seven. Or, more simply 07-07-07. The next one like this won’t come around until, you guessed it, 08-08-08. Today is also an interesting date in Japanese mythology. July 7th is Tanabata. The only day of the year when the lovers … More 07-07-07 07年07月07日

Happy Canada Day!

Well, it’s a day late here but right on time for all those in Canada: Happy Canada Day!! There was even a Canada Day celebration here hosted by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. It was called “Canada D’eh”. Cute, no? It was actually held on June 30th but at midnight, when it officially became July … More Happy Canada Day!