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China is a dangerous place 中国は危ない所です。

May 5, 2007

I read the English language edition of the South China Morning Post (SCMP, for short). It’s quite good at giving International coverage in addition to local. It does however, have one section that I sometimes bypass completely. No, it’s not the Financial section but the National section which highlights the news from the Mainland.

There are many places within Mainland China that I really want to visit but with reports of the way its citizens are treated by the central government and especially the local governments (the village leaders run their areas like their own fiefdoms), I’m in a bit of a moral dilemma. That being said, I suppose if I were to take that sort of stand, I’d never go anywhere, Western countries included.

香港の人気の英語の新聞はSouth China Morning Postです。香港と外国のニュズはおもしろいですけどメインランド中国のニュズがときどき読みたくないんです。こわいですから。ぜったい中国の面白い所行きだいんですがあぶなそうです。でも、もしそれはいつもかんがえる、ぜんぜん行った事ないでしょうね。

Some interesting (and frightening) stats from the Mainland regarding workplace and road safety.


The Mainland is notorious for its poor work safety record. I literally cannot open up the paper without reading about an industrial accident, usually in the mining industry which has claimed lives. Official stats show that 300 people are killed in industrial accidents per day. Last year, approximately 110,000 people died on the job. Anyone from the Worker’s Compensation Board reading this?


China has approximately 2% of the worlds drivers but accounts for over 16% of the traffic accidents. Every year since 2000, official data shows that on average, 80,000 are killed and 400,000 are injured in mainland traffic accidents. China was at the top of the charts for road fatalities again last year with a total number of almost 99,000.

中国に世界中の運転するの人は2%がいます。でも世界中の人身事故は16%があります。こわいですね。 公認記録によれば2000年から例年は80,000人が殺さらくて400,000人傷つきました。去年もう一同世界中に中国には光津事故による死者がありました:99,000人ぐらい。ちょっと信じられない。

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