Happy birthday Buddha 仏陀、誕生日おめでとうございます

Today is Buddha’s birthday, so sayeth the holiday calendar. So, happy birthday! This post is a bit of an odd assortment of things that I’ve been meaning to post recently. 今日は仏陀の誕生日です。おめでとうございます。このポストはいろいろな物です。 Buy one get one Hong Kong people love their bargains. Quite often, these are to be found at the grocery store. I’m always being … More Happy birthday Buddha 仏陀、誕生日おめでとうございます

Bestest ‘lympics evah!

僕の日本人の友達、ごめんなさい。このポストはぜんぶ英語だ。あの新聞のリンクも英語だけです。トピクは北京オリンピクです。きれいになるの努力をします。でもたくさん人権問題があります。 This is going to be the bestest Olympics ever! At least that’s the official line being touted by Beijing. They are pulling out all the stops so that the two weeks next year when the world is watching will showcase Beijing (and by extension, China) in the best light possible. Whether some of the … More Bestest ‘lympics evah!

China is a dangerous place 中国は危ない所です。

I read the English language edition of the South China Morning Post (SCMP, for short). It’s quite good at giving International coverage in addition to local. It does however, have one section that I sometimes bypass completely. No, it’s not the Financial section but the National section which highlights the news from the Mainland. There … More China is a dangerous place 中国は危ない所です。