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Sunday hike ハイキング

April 23, 2007

Went for a great hike out to Sai Kung on Sunday. The hike was about 4 hours in total, not including the time spent at the beach and lunch at the turn-around point.

We saw big ass moths, abandoned villages, lots of water buffalo patties but no buffaloes and a monkey.

Big ass mothAbandoned village houseCurious George?

The beach looked good from afar, but far from good. Still Dave, Kirstie and Ty braved the waters (and the seaweed) to have a wee dip. The ex-lifeguard in the group decided to opt out of actually entering the water.

Beach in Sai KungToo close!Must be cold

For those of you who might be curious, on the map link above, if you scroll up to encounter Luen Wo Hui, that’s where I’m currently living. Apparently, it was quite an important area during WW II. I’m spitting distance from the Mainland border and can in fact see the city of Shenzhen from my bedroom window (when the smog allows).
上のリンクで上にスクロールします。僕の住んでいるの所はLuen Wo Huiです。時々僕のアパートで中国のシェンズェン市を見えます。近いですね。

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  1. Danimal permalink
    April 25, 2007 2:24 pm

    What exactly is an Ass moth? Is it a species native to the region? And how big are the Ass moths? J-Lo big? Shaq big? Just curious… (oh, fun with lack of compound adjectives)


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