Japan trip – the finale

The second week of my trip was primarily an opportunity to meet up with other friends who live in the Osaka area though the one really exciting aspect was the overnight stay as Shojoshin temple on Koya-san in Wakayama prefecture of which I wrote in a previous post. I had been to Koya-san once before … More Japan trip – the finale

Go Canucks, Go!!

The Vancouver Canucks managed to finally muscle past the Dallas Stars to enter the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Whew! Thankfully the internet makes it a little easier to jump on the bandwagon from way over here in Asia where the only hockey they talk about is of the ‘field’ variety. Just not … More Go Canucks, Go!!

Sunday hike ハイキング

Went for a great hike out to Sai Kung on Sunday. The hike was about 4 hours in total, not including the time spent at the beach and lunch at the turn-around point. 日曜日にはサイクングにハイキングをしました。ちょっとあついでした。ハイクは4時間ぐらいかかりました。楽しかった。 We saw big ass moths, abandoned villages, lots of water buffalo patties but no buffaloes and a monkey. 大きい蛾と放棄したの村と猿を見た。 The beach … More Sunday hike ハイキング

Back in Hong Kong ただいま!

Hi all. Well, I arrived back in Hong Kong yesterday afternoon after an amazing trip. I will be getting some pictures and words up as soon as possible for what will no doubt be a multi-part story. こんにちは。 昨日、香港に戻りました。僕の日本旅行はすごく楽しかった。皆私の友達、ありがとうございました。すぐに写真と物語をポストします。