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Global Perspectives Canada

March 10, 2007

A good friend of mine, Kevin Matheny (whom some will know but others won’t) is a high school teacher in the Vancouver area. As of today, for the next two weeks he has taken a group of 28 high school kids to Morocco as part of a global education program which has been run at the school since around 1995. Essentially, groups of students go to developing countries to provide humanitarian aid, usually in the form of building new or refurbishing old facilities in a chosen community. Past trips have been to Laos, Cuba, Cambodia and Peru.

The link will take you to the Global Perspectives Canada website where the students will be posting journals of the trip as well as lots of images. You can also check out the past trips. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

僕の友達は高等学校の先生です。今日から 二週間ぐらい後まで28学生はモロッコに連れて行きました。旅行の理由は学生が人道主義です。ざんねんことはサイトが英語だけです。でも、すぐにたくさん写真をポストをします。そのページの一番上のリンクは(current trip) 今年の旅行です。見て下さい。面白いでしょう。

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