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I don’t want much 少しだけほしい

March 8, 2007

There are a few things I wish Hong Kong had.

First. Less pollution, particularly the air-borne type. Aside from the obvious effects to my health (which I’ve been feeling lately), from a photographer’s perspective it really blows. The near constant haze, which some in constant denial here always refer to as ‘fog’, makes the light completely flat. Not at all good for taking vibrant or contrasty pictures.

Second. Safe food. In the year and a bit since I’ve been here, I’ve lost count of the number of news reports relating to food illness of one kind or another. I have succumbed myself a couple of times. Most of the problems involve food stuff from the mainland but, since Hong Kong gets almost all its food stuff from the mainland there are really only two choices: buy the stuff that comes from the mainland or pay the extra for the imported stuff. Lately, I’ve been paying extra. I would give my eye-teeth for the stringent regulations they have in Japan (the only country I actually feel safe eating chicken sashimi) or a Granville Island type market.


Granville Island Market グランビルアイランドマーケトー

Third. A real café/coffee shop. Again, Japan has a great café culture. They even produce magazines and books dedicated to it. Never a problem finding a nice, cozy little place to relax when I’m there. In Vancouver, there’s ‘Bean around the world’ or ‘The Bean’ for those in the know. One particular location up around UBC has been my home-away-from-home for well over a decade. Sadly, the only choice of coffee shops here are Starbucks and a Seattle’s Best clone called Pacific Coffee. Now, right off, anybody who argues ‘what’s wrong with Starbucks?’ has never actually had a good cup of coffee. I did manage to find a little café that serves decent Italian style coffee but I can only get there on weekends as it’s a one hour train ride from home.
三つ。面白いカフェ。日本はいいカフェダルチャーがあるんです。日本に行く時たくさんカフェに行きます。バンクーバーにもいいカフェがあります。十年以上前から僕の友達のカフェに行っています。ビーン アラウンド ザ ワールドの雰囲気がいいし、スタフが親切だし、コーヒがすばらしいです。香港にスターバックスは人気があるんですがスターバックスのコーヒはまずいと思います。面白いイタリアのカフェを見つけたんですが不幸にも家から電車で一時間ぐらいかかります。とおいので、そこに週末だけ行きます。



“The Bean” 『ザ ビーン』

I know, it’s tough to be me but really, I don’t want much. Do I?

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  1. Danimal permalink
    March 10, 2007 8:34 am

    Chicken sashimi? You deserve ass-peeing if you’re going to eat that!


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