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Back to work 仕事に戻ります

March 1, 2007

My holiday is officially over. Back to work. The grindstone, nose to the. At least for a month at which time I’ll be off for two weeks of Easter holidays (oooh, I can feel the nasty vibes from here). I’m sorry, I shall now cease my gloating.

Anyone who knows me even remotely realizes that I read voraciously and that I love (LOVE) books. In particular, hardcover books. First editions are always an added bonus. If they happen to be ancient, or at the very least just as old as I am (to which I can hear some members of the audience say, “isn’t that ancient?”) then so much the more gooder (yes, thank you, I do realize that is crappy English for an ESL teacher).

Imagine my pleasure to read an article in the Sunday newspaper about a new bookstore that has opened up in Hong Kong which deals in such tomes. Off I went on the day I discovered the place existed to find… it was closed. No matter, I was on holidays and had plenty of time (well, at least a couple more days). I went back the next day… to find it was closed. I’m sure the owners were wondering who had left the nose smudges all over the glass of the front door. Off I went a third time. It’s true what they say about the third time being lucky because this time it was… open! Five minutes in the place and I found several volumes I have actually been looking for for years. Oh, to have unlimited funds. Only a minor purchase this time but now that I know where the place is, like Arnold, “I’ll be back”.
僕は貪欲な読書家です。 本は好きです。ハードカバーのいいです。古いのもっといいです。初版本は一番いいと思います。最近、新聞の記事を読んだ。香港には新しい本屋を明けました。好きな本を売ってます。うれしい!たくさん村上春樹さんの小説があります。ざんねんことは際限のないお金がありません。しかったがないですね。もちろんそこに戻ります。

I had been wanting to check out a particular tea house on Hong Kong island ever since arriving in Hong Kong and finally got my chance today when a Cantonese-speaking friend of mine called me up to see if I was free for a late lunch. “Can we go to the Luk Yu teahouse?” “Sure, no problem.” The Luk Yu teahouse has been open since 1933 and walking into it is like walking back in time. Almost nothing about the décor has changed since opening except that they now accept credit cards. Not the cheapest place but also not the most expensive dim sum I’ve had either and actually, the food was so good, I don’t mind paying the little bit extra. Apparently, many of the staff have been working there for decades.

Luk Yu

Luk Yu inside


dim sum

Luk Yu is also infamous. In November of 2002, a wealthy Hong Kong businessman was assassinated by a Mainland hitman during breakfast. According to news reports, witnesses said the assassin ate breakfast, paid the bill, walked behind his target, shot him in the head, and strolled out of the teahouse. If nothing else, the story adds to the legendary status of the place.

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  1. Man in the woods! permalink
    March 4, 2007 12:35 am

    You are aso “harworking!”


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