Busy weekend 週末忙しかった

I realize I don’t update this as often as some would like but, I’m desperately trying to avoid this becoming soapbox for the things that irritate me about Hong Kong. If I did that, I’d be posting constantly. 久しぶりですね。ごめんなさい。最近忙しいかった。 Well, my trip to Japan has pretty much been finalized. I received confirmation the other day … More Busy weekend 週末忙しかった


FINALLY! My new photography website is up and running and can be viewed by all. The address has changed slightly though it’s still gesphotography.com, remove the www in front otherwise you’ll end up at my old site. Here’s the link. やった!僕の新しい写真ホムページは終わりました。アドレスはちょっとちがいます。上のリンクや右側のリンクを押して下さい。どうと思いますか。 Some of the images are the same (for now) but many are new as … More FINALLY! やった!

I don’t want much 少しだけほしい

There are a few things I wish Hong Kong had. 香港では少し好きなことがあるといいです。 First. Less pollution, particularly the air-borne type. Aside from the obvious effects to my health (which I’ve been feeling lately), from a photographer’s perspective it really blows. The near constant haze, which some in constant denial here always refer to as ‘fog’, makes the … More I don’t want much 少しだけほしい

Back to work 仕事に戻ります

My holiday is officially over. Back to work. The grindstone, nose to the. At least for a month at which time I’ll be off for two weeks of Easter holidays (oooh, I can feel the nasty vibes from here). I’m sorry, I shall now cease my gloating. 僕の休みは終わった。仕事に戻りました。でも、一ヶ月後イースタ休みがあります。二週間です。先生をしているはいいですね。はい。止まります。ごめんなさい。 Anyone who knows me even remotely realizes … More Back to work 仕事に戻ります