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Bye, bye birdie

February 10, 2007

With all due sympathy to my friends who are freezing their assorted bits off in Eastern Canada, it’s been freakin’ hot here in Hong Kong. For the past two weeks the temperatures have gotten up to the mid-twenties – in February. Last year, I was freezing my ass off at this time. What happened to winter?

fresh chicken


Doesn’t get much fresher than this.

There is an area on Hong Kong island called Wan Chai. In one of the less gentrified areas, there is a street market where you can still get live chickens, live (and just hanging on) fish and fresh (though who knows what’s on them) vegetables as well as all manner of knick-knacks, toys, clothes, you-name-it. The sad part is that the government, in its infinite lack of wisdom is planning on shutting the area down and putting up more high end apartment blocks. Oh, they intend to move the vendors to a nice, shiny central location, with an increase in rent of course.

Sadly, this government doesn’t seem to know the first thing about what actually makes Hong Kong interesting for visitors – unless you want to go clothes shopping, that is. Then they’re right with it. They’re starting to figure it out the hard way though – the public are not happy and there have been several demonstrations that have caused the government to rethink its approach to heritage sites. Let’s hope it actually does some good.




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