New Year events

Well, the official new year holiday is over and things are basically back to (what constitutes) normal in Hong Kong. According to the news, on the last day of the holiday approximately 450,000 people returned to HK – in one day! I am so glad I wasn’t travelling on that day. 旧暦の新年の休みはおわりました。ニュズで読んだ、休みの最後の日には45万人くらい香港に帰りました。一日だけ。それはちょっと信じられない。 I mentioned in … More New Year events

Bye, bye birdie

With all due sympathy to my friends who are freezing their assorted bits off in Eastern Canada, it’s been freakin’ hot here in Hong Kong. For the past two weeks the temperatures have gotten up to the mid-twenties – in February. Last year, I was freezing my ass off at this time. What happened to … More Bye, bye birdie

Oh, how to begin?

February 17th to the 20th is Chinese new year, or Lunar new year if you want to be more accurate. This is the time of year where people head off to home towns to visit with family and basically make travelling anywhere an absolute nightmare. I had hoped to head off possibly to Taiwan or … More Oh, how to begin?